The holidays are here and we are celebrating with free item drops in the christmas event town!

simply warp to the arena with /warp christmas then pull the lever. Cakes will fall from the sky, break the cakes to get the prizes inside.

Contest winner!

The holiday tree contest is over and the winners are..

1st: _Nadiki_

2nd: purplerug

3rd: Nickbrown101

Winner of staff prize goes to:


Your prizes will be placed at the spawn of your island once you select both a colour box from the batch displayed here and the wood type you would like in your shulker boxes. Then either comment with your choice or msg FishyWishWasher.

[Helper] COKOLUYOZ woah ,sam need to change our title :0
[Helper] COKOLUYOZ yeay :) gratz all c.tree owner xD Purple box one and dark oak - thnx.
[Mod] michrey Gratz to all those who won!!!