1.11.2 is here!  It took a little longer than expected but the server is open again on a new IP. To join please log in at FlyingFish.mcserver.ws

( if you for some reason need the number IP)

We are now running as a bungeecord server which will show more as i learn how to use it to its full potential. As an added surprise I was able to configure the settings to allow everyone to keep their money and inventory (as far as i can tell) which saves you and me the hassle of meeting in minecraft-person and making awkward conversation.

LLama LLama LLama. To celebrate 1.11 you all get a free llama for your island! Wooo llama! Simply use the command /kit use llama and you will be gifted with one of your very own fuzzy wuzzy whateverthatis. We will also have the End World open at the end of the month giving you a fine opertunity to collect up those new shulker shells.

Even though this update is such a large internal change for our server you will see very little physical changes when logging in besides a few things i may be moving around and relocating. I hope you continue to enjoy your life on our server none the less. Thank you for reading and please post if you have any questions or concerns.